Eric Dier explains Dele Alli’s heartache after admitting the struggling star is ‘annoying’.

Eric Dier, a player for Bayern Munich, recently commented on his regrets concerning his friend Dele Alli’s mental health struggles. The two players came through together at Tottenham and have maintained contact since moving to other clubs.

Alli’s candid interview with Gary Neville prompted positive conversations about mental health in sports but also left Dier with a sense of regret. Dier expressed disappointment in himself for not recognizing the full extent of Alli’s troubles and for not being more supportive.

Dier acknowledged his own shortcomings, admitting that he often was not aware of the whole picture and that he wishes he had been more understanding and supportive. He recalled times when he wishes he had done more and regrets not fully comprehending Alli’s challenges.

The interview prompted Dier to reflect on his own behavior towards Alli and how he could have been a better friend. Despite his regrets, Dier highlighted Alli’s remarkable friendship and support, noting occasions where Alli had been there for him, such as attending his wedding even while dealing with personal struggles.

This demonstrated to Dier the type of person Alli is and made him feel disappointed that he had not reciprocated the support more effectively. Alli’s current situation includes hopes of returning to Premier League action with Everton, although potential financial barriers related to his loan deal from Tottenham may impact his future appearances for the club.

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