England’s flag should not be altered and Nike is not permitted to modify the white kit color.

England should always play in a white home kit regardless of the sport. Team GB should always compete in blue, red and white, and the St George’s flag should always be white and red. It’s a simple rule to follow, so why does the flag have to be tampered with?

Footballers often wear rainbow laces or multi-colored captain’s armbands to raise awareness for diversity. There is still work to be done in this area, but there are other ways to do it without affecting the national symbols. The country is proud and wants to fly its recognizable flag high and wear its national colors with pride, including everyone.

Rory McIlroy could not have picked a better person to lean on for advice than Tiger Woods’ former coach Butch Harmon. Woods won eight Majors with Harmon in his corner, and it could make a difference as McIlroy hunts a career grand slam at the Masters next week. Emma Raducanu is on the rise after slipping to No.

300 in the world rankings. As she is not defending any more ranking points this year, she has a free hit at every tournament, which should take any pressure off and give her a clear goal of how to qualify for events without using wildcards.

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