Arsenal benefit from unusual penalty incident; Thomas Tuchel acknowledges ref’s observation of “kid’s error”.

Arsenal star Gabriel found himself at the center of controversy during a Champions League clash at the Emirates Stadium. After a bizarre incident during a goal kick taken by David Raya, Bayern Munich boss Thomas Tuchel claimed that referee Glenn Nyberg saw Gabriel handling the ball in the penalty area but chose not to award a penalty to the Bundesliga side. Nyberg reportedly deemed Gabriel’s action as a “kids’ mistake” and decided not to give Bayern Munich a penalty kick, despite protestations from their players, including Harry Kane. In his post-match interview with TNT Sports, Tuchel expressed his frustration with the referee’s decision, labeling it a “huge mistake.”

He stated that the explanation given by Nyberg on the pitch was “horrible” and left them feeling angry at the crucial decision against them in the Champions League quarter-final. Tuchel’s comments shed light on the incident, which had not been made clear to viewers until then. He criticized the referee’s explanation and the impact of the decision. While Bayern Munich felt aggrieved by the turn of events, the controversy sparked debate and discussion in the aftermath of the match.

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