Premier League aims to deduct 17 points from Everton as wild details emerge

Sean Dyche’s Everton has been dealt with two separate points deductions this season. The Premier League bosses requested Everton to be docked a total of 17 points for two breaches of Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) this season. The first breach saw Everton receiving a two-point penalty for exceeding the PSR threshold for the three-year period up to 2022/23. The club had admitted to exceeding the limit by £16.6m.

Earlier in the season, Everton had been docked six points, reduced from 10 on appeal, for another breach of PSR for the three-year period ending in 2021/22. The club has confirmed that they plan to appeal their latest punishment. Official reports revealed that the Premier League requested a 12-point penalty for Everton’s first breach and a five-point deduction for the second. However, the independent commission decided on a less severe punishment, resulting in Everton being two points clear of the drop zone.

Nottingham Forest is the only other club to have been penalized for breaching PSR this season, receiving a deduction of four points. In response to their latest penalty, Everton expressed their concerns about the inconsistency of punishments dished out this term. The club stated that it remains committed to working collaboratively with the league on all matters relating to PSR and mentioned that preparations to appeal the commission’s decision have begun.

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