Manchester United players incorrect about Casemiro as Liverpool confirm Erik ten Hag’s accuracy.

Erik ten Hag’s decision to persist with Casemiro in midfield has come under scrutiny once again following Manchester United’s recent draw against Liverpool. Despite initially taking the lead, United were held to a draw after Mohamed Salah’s late penalty. Casemiro’s poor performance failed to justify his selection by Ten Hag, indicating a concerning trend for the 32-year-old.

Earlier reports suggested that Ten Hag’s decision to substitute Casemiro at half-time in a previous match did not sit well with the players, despite the coach’s tactical explanation. Casemiro’s recent underwhelming displays have only heightened the skepticism surrounding his consistent selection. Against Liverpool, Casemiro’s shortcomings were evident as he struggled to maintain possession and was easily bypassed by the opposing team’s attackers.

His pass completion rate was the lowest among the starting players, reflecting his ineffective contribution to the game. Casemiro’s lackluster performance raises questions about his future inclusion in the team, particularly as United prepares to face Bournemouth in the coming weekend.

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