Man Utd ‘robbed’ as video shows Liverpool lucky with Anthony Taylor decision

Liverpool were awarded a penalty when Harvey Elliott went down in the box, resulting in Manchester United fans complaining about being ‘robbed’ by referee Anthony Taylor. Mohamed Salah secured a late draw for Liverpool with a penalty, which was fiercely contested by United fans.

The incident involved Elliott falling under the challenge of Aaron Wan-Bissaka, but some fans argued that there was no actual contact between the players, suggesting that Elliott may have intentionally initiated the contact to earn the penalty. The response on social media from United fans was filled with discontent, with some expressing frustration and labeling the decision as a ‘robbery’ by VAR.

Many debated whether the incident should have been considered a penalty or a dive, reflecting the intensity of the fan reaction. Despite the controversy, there were contrasting views from commentators like Redknapp, who believed that the penalty was justified.

He highlighted Elliott’s awareness and ability to draw the foul, acknowledging Wan-Bissaka’s mistake in the challenge. This perspective added further complexity to the debate over the validity of the penalty.

In summary, the incident sparked widespread controversy, with United fans feeling aggrieved by the outcome and questioning the fairness of the penalty decision. The differing opinions on social media and among commentators emphasized the contentious nature of the incident and its significant impact on the match’s result.

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