Dark Horse Masters Contender: A Huge Liverpool Fan Inspired by Steven Gerrard

The Swede, despite being highly successful in golf, admitted that he could have pursued a career in football. He expressed his continued passion for football, particularly admiring Steven Gerrard and aspiring to emulate him as a midfielder. The young European golf star has made a significant impression in the sports world, drawing comparisons to a ‘generational player’ by Luke Donald.

He turned down an offer from LIV Golf last year due to concerns. Aberg’s remarkable rise to world no.9 from being a college star in Texas has drawn parallels to Tiger Woods’ trajectory, according to experts. His impending appearance at the Masters in Augusta is eagerly anticipated.

Aberg voiced his excitement and nervousness about the upcoming Masters, emphasizing the privilege of experiencing such emotions. He eagerly anticipates the support of his family and loved ones at the event. The Swede’s victory at the Ryder Cup in Rome over a Masters champion alongside Viktor Hovland was a significant achievement, leaving a deep impression on both players.

Reflecting on the victory, he described it as a validating moment for him. Despite his American-accented English, Aberg remains true to his Swedish roots, standing at 6’3″. He remains humble and confident, despite the whirlwind of emotions he experiences, finding joy in his journey.

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