Ben White advised to expect lengthy ban following emergence of Brighton incident footage.

The centre-back, returning to his former stomping ground, was involved in a controversial incident as the Gunners secured a dominant 3-0 win to ascend to the Premier League summit. White found himself embroiled in an off-the-ball scuffle with Brighton’s Pervis Estupinan. During the 51st minute, White appeared to initiate contact by nudging the Seagulls player. Estupinan’s subsequent shove saw White dramatically hit the deck, clutching his throat after a brief hesitation.

Fans have not held back in their criticism of White’s theatrics, with some even calling for him to be hit with a suspension. One supporter blasted: “Embarrassing from Ben White.” Another lamented: “Even with VAR, things like this still go unchecked. This is a booking offense.

Yellow card for Ben White.” A third fan mockingly commented: “BAFTA award incoming.” Calls for punitive measures against White have also surfaced, with one fan arguing: “Disgraceful. If that’s not bringing the game into disrepute, I don’t know what is?

Retrospective long ban and large fine should (but almost certainly won’t) follow.” White’s actions come amidst recent news of his unavailability for England selection, reportedly due to a past altercation with assistant coach Steve Holland during the World Cup. Arsenal’s 3-0 win at Brighton & Hove Albion took them top of the Premier League, but Ben White’s theatrics during the match drew criticism from pundits – despite it going unnoticed in the match. “Should we mention the Ben White incident? “

asked Gary Lineker on The Rest is Football podcast. Lineker added: “What I don’t understand, I don’t like and never have liked play-acting. I don’t get it or understand why players do it, but especially now when you’ve got so many cameras at the ground and you’ve got VAR anyway that will look back at incidents… Do you not think to yourself, that’s a bit embarrassing doing that? And Ben White is not the only one by the way, lots of players do it, but I just don’t know why you’d bring that on yourself.

You just look a prat.” Shearer agreed, calling White’s behaviour “very embarrassing.” Despite the controversy, Arsenal now sit top of the Premier League after Liverpool could only manage a draw against Manchester United on Sunday.

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