Riyad Mahrez’s wife reveals her surprise at finding Nandos in Saudi Arabia. What life is like for her.

Riyad Mahrez’s wife, Taylor Ward, a model and influencer, shared her perspective on life in Saudi Arabia for WAGs. According to her, the Middle Eastern country is quite different from England, but there are familiar spots to find solace in, such as a Nando’s chain.

Mahrez made a move to Al-Ahli in the summer, signing a four-year deal worth £180 million, following the trend of Premier League players transferring to Saudi Arabia. Ward initially felt overwhelmed by leaving Manchester but has since adjusted, finding the experience amazing.

She noted the absence of alcohol but also expressed her pleasant surprise at finding familiar aspects of life, such as a Nando’s. The vibe in Saudi Arabia is described as more chilled and calmer compared to the bustling lifestyle in Manchester, something she misses, particularly seeing family and friends.

Ward emphasized the kindness of the people in Saudi Arabia, which has been a significant surprise, creating a positive environment and a feeling of being on holiday rather than having permanently moved there. She and Mahrez have recently acquired a house in Jeddah and plan to stay there for the foreseeable future, indicating that they are enjoying their time in Saudi Arabia.

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