Report claims Glazers didn’t want Man Utd to win trophies in a damning revelation.

The Glazers reportedly had a reluctance for Manchester United to win trophies due to the potential player bonuses they would be obligated to pay. Plans for significant changes for the Red Devils are anticipated in the upcoming year, as Sir Jim Ratcliffe aims to leave his mark on the club he has supported since childhood. In December, it was confirmed that Ratcliffe had acquired a 25 per cent stake in United, signalling a collaborative effort with the Glazers to elevate standards both on and off the pitch. With a focus on the footballing aspect of the business, the 71-year-old is expected to take a rigorous approach.

There are speculations about Erik ten Hag possibly being one of the first to face changes at the club. The club’s struggles reportedly began in 2009 with the high-profile departures of Carlos Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo, leaving the team inadequately replenished. According to sources, the Glazers were indifferent to the consequences of not adequately replacing the departed players as they supposedly did not prioritize winning trophies. Moreover, it was suggested that the Glazers were not overly concerned, as the absence of trophies meant they could avoid significant player bonuses.

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