Premier League player believes he resembles Michael Owen’s son, calling him ‘dad’.

Sergio Reguilon noticed a resemblance between himself and Michael Owen’s teenage son James. This led to a lighthearted comment from Reguilon on social media, where he humorously referred to Owen as his “dad”. Many others also pointed out the similarity between James and the Spanish defender in the photo posted by Owen to mark James’ 18th birthday.

It was revealed that James Owen had been diagnosed with Stargardt disease, a genetic condition that has left him “clinically” blind. This condition had a significant impact on James’ ability to pursue a career in football, despite his initial aspirations of following in his father’s footsteps. Owen has publicly expressed his support for his son and admiration for his strength in dealing with the condition.

In an interview with The Mirror, James shared how the disease had affected his enjoyment of playing football and the realization that he could not pursue it as a career. Owen also expressed his concerns about James’ future, but highlighted his son’s resilient mindset. This heartfelt story sheds light on the challenges faced by James Owen and his family, and the strength and support they have shown in dealing with the impact of Stargardt disease.

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