Man Utd fans criticize Marcus Rashford despite star finding form again in football.

This article contains affiliate links, and we will receive a commission on any sales generated from it. The majority of Manchester United fans believe that Marcus Rashford should be sold this summer, despite his recent improved form.

This sentiment was driven by his visit to a nightclub in Belfast before reporting ill to club training, which raised concerns among fans. However, the head coach opted for a less severe punishment, leaving Rashford out for a game and insisting that the matter had been addressed.

Many Express Sport readers felt that this punishment was insufficient, with three-quarters of those polled saying that Rashford should have been suspended by the club for his actions. Some supporters also felt that United should have taken more drastic measures, such as banning him for a period of time, to demonstrate that such behavior is not tolerated at the club.

Additionally, a majority of voters believe that Rashford should be sold this summer due to his actions. Rashford’s previous contract extension until 2028 adds complexity to the situation, as it would leave a significant gap in United’s frontline if he were to be sold.

Former United captain Neville weighed in on the situation, emphasizing the importance of the right influence and decision-making for young players, highlighting his own dedication to the club and his career. The majority of readers polled expressed agreement with Neville’s stance, believing that Rashford’s nightclub visit was unacceptable and should be further punished by the club.

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