Leeds fans block player’s house in anger: Football

Leeds star Patrick Bamford faced a distressing incident when angry fans prevented him from entering his home during their disappointing Premier League campaign last season. This occurred after he missed a crucial penalty in a game against Newcastle, contributing to Leeds’ struggles towards relegation. Bamford described how upon returning home, he found his gate blocked by two cars, with fans staring him down as he attempted to access his property. The striker expressed his shock at the fans’ behavior, particularly given the abuse he had already faced in the preceding weeks.

Following the incident, he took measures to ensure the safety of his family home, including hiring security. Bamford’s sports psychologist was contacted immediately after the incident, and the club provided security for his house for the entire night. Despite the trauma of the experience, Bamford has since returned to play for Leeds and has continued to contribute to the team’s efforts. The club had issued a statement at the time, denouncing the abuse Bamford had endured during the season.

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