Kalvin Phillips criticizes Pep Guardiola after Man City manager angers his mother

Kalvin Phillips has expressed his dissatisfaction with Pep Guardiola for publicly calling him overweight upon his return to Manchester City after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The midfielder, who had seen limited playing time under Guardiola, subsequently joined West Ham on loan in January.

This experience had a negative impact on Phillips and his family, as he revealed that the comments affected his confidence and upset his mother. Looking ahead, Phillips is anticipating a potential permanent departure from City in the upcoming summer transfer window.

He emphasized that Guardiola’s frustration stemmed from a miscommunication regarding his return to training after the tournament, denying any significant weight issue. Phillips claimed that he had intended to return earlier than instructed and would have complied if given the accurate information.

Overall, the situation has left Phillips disheartened and eager to prove himself before possibly parting ways with Manchester City.

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