Chelsea mascot who embarrassed Steven Gerrard played in non-league football under former Premier League star

The incident that occurred 18 years ago involved Nickless approaching Gerrard for a handshake before a match between Chelsea and Liverpool, as shown in a viral video. Despite Gerrard attempting a high-five, Nickless quickly placed his thumb on his nose and wagged his fingers, leaving Gerrard smiling, a rare occurrence before a match. This humorous exchange was acknowledged by John Terry and other Chelsea players seen laughing in the video, which gained millions of views on social media.

Nickless, now 24, pursued a non-league football career and received praise from former Tottenham midfielder Jamie O’Hara, impressed by his skills. Despite only playing twice in the National League South for Billericay, Nickless’s current status in non-league football remains uncertain. Reflecting on the incident, Nickless mentioned that Gerrard and he didn’t converse, and the only word he uttered was “Gerrard!”

to capture his attention. He recounted the laughter from Claude Makelele and Michael Essien, with Terry giving him a pat on the head afterward, demonstrating the light-hearted nature of the situation. The text highlights Gerrard’s admission that, had an adult played the prank, he would have been displeased, signaling his tolerance for such antics from a youngster.

It concludes with O’Hara’s acknowledgment of Nickless as a talented left-footed player capable of scoring goals.

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