Chelsea manager Pochettino takes charge as Premier League managers unite against blue card backlash

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Jurgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettino led Premier League head coaches in speaking out against the idea of blue cards being introduced to football.

This would see players spend 10 minutes in the sin bin after a new trial was approved by the International Football Association Board (IFAB). Detailed protocols for the trials will soon be published, and reports suggest that the new ruling is expected to include blue cards. Trials have already taken place in amateur and youth football in England and Wales. IFAB is set to give the green light for an extended trial in senior levels of football at their annual meeting on March 2 in Glasgow.

FIFA has downplayed the suggestion that this trial will incorporate top-flight football, but the FA Cup could be involved. This change would be one of the biggest since the introduction of red and yellow cards in 1970. Premier League referees could one day be dishing out blue cards to players. (Image: Getty)

Pochettino believes that “it is not a good idea” and that football will only become more “complicated” as a result of further change by IFAB.

He expressed that “it is not a good idea but we will see what happens.” Jurgen Klopp urged caution in the introduction of blue cards, stating that it didn’t “sound like a fantastic idea” and that it would make things more complicated for referees. He mentioned that while he has no problem with testing, it doesn’t sound like a fantastic idea. Newcastle boss Eddie Howe was not a big fan of the idea, feeling that the current system only needs to be optimized.

He expressed that the current system works well but just needs to be applied right, and a blue card would add more confusion, in his opinion. Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou felt that an additional card while still working out the kinks would just bring more “clutter” to football. He struggled to understand why there is suddenly an urgency to bring in new things and questioned the necessity of a different color card. Mikel Arteta admitted that he wasn’t sure “if we are ready for that yet,” while Pep Guardiola refused to comment before the trial is confirmed by IFAB.

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