Arsenal: Four Targets to Ease Bukayo Saka Worry as Gunners ‘Face Liverpool Fight’

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta is facing concerns about the lack of serious competition for winger Bukayo Saka, especially as they compete against teams with deeper squad depth like Manchester City. Saka’s recent injury scare has highlighted the need for a capable deputy. Express Sport has identified Nico Williams as one potential option, as the 21-year-old has shown promise and versatility, with an impressive record of five goals and 10 assists in 24 appearances for Athletic Bilbao this season.

Williams, who has 11 Spain caps, could be a valuable addition to Arsenal. It is suggested that Williams, who usually operates on the left, could potentially fill the void on the right for Arsenal. Furthermore, there is speculation that Williams might consider a move to replace Mohamed Salah at Liverpool or to join Unai Emery at Aston Villa, given the chance to work with the fellow Spaniard at a thriving club.

These factors make Williams an attractive prospect for Arsenal as they look to strengthen their squad. In light of the potential options ahead of the forthcoming summer transfer window, it is clear that Arsenal needs to address the lack of competition for Saka. The need for a competent deputy is imperative, and the mention of promising young talents like Williams suggests that Arsenal is actively seeking to improve their squad’s depth.

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