Arsenal and West Ham legend signs with Barcelona to become a ‘millionaire’ and idolizes ‘the King’

Alex Song, who retired at the end of last year, had a diverse career, including stints at Arsenal and West Ham. He began his journey in France with Bastia before catching the eye of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. However, despite his success, Song admitted to making extravagant purchases, such as an expensive sports car emblematic of his idol Thierry Henry. In an interview with basketball player Pascal Siakam, Song confessed that many footballers live beyond their means.

He acknowledged his own reckless spending habits and how his financial situation improved later in his career at Arsenal. Despite earning more, he realized that his spending was excessive, especially when he compared himself to the established players like Thierry Henry. Song’s career took a significant turn when he joined Barcelona in 2012, emphasizing his focus on securing a comfortable future for his family. Later, he moved to Rubin Kazan and continued playing for other clubs before announcing his retirement.

Overall, Song’s career trajectory highlights his journey from youthful extravagance to a more mature approach to his finances, anchored by a desire to provide for his loved ones.

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