Aleksander Ceferin to step down from UEFA in 2027 after winning vote in re-election.

President of UEFA Aleksander Ceferin has announced that he will not seek re-election for a fourth term and will step down in three years’ time, despite a vote by UEFA to change its rule to allow him to stand and prolong his tenure. The 56-year-old was approved to potentially remain in his role until 2031, surpassing the traditional 10-year limit, but has decided to leave after his current tenure ends in 2027.

The England Football Association was among the minority to vote against his re-election. Ceferin stated that he made the decision not to run in 2027 around six months ago due to the need for fresh leadership and his desire to spend more time with his family.

The vote to change the rules, which was supported by 49 of the 55 UEFA associations, was opposed by six, including the FA. The expectation of Ceferin’s continued leadership had led to UEFA’s technical director Zvonimir Boban quitting in January, citing a departure from the organization’s values.

After making his announcement, Ceferin responded to Boban’s comments by calling them a “pathetic cry” and stating that Boban was aware of his decision. He characterized Boban’s reaction as futile, given his impending departure.

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