Kobbie Mainoo, estrella del Man Utd, mostró su verdadero carácter con un gesto fuera de cámara frente al West Ham

Mainoo has become a key player for United, featuring in 10 consecutive matches and impressing fans with his well-rounded abilities. He has shown composure on the ball, excellent game reading, and a wide passing range. In addition to his midfield contributions, Mainoo has also demonstrated his scoring ability with a dramatic solo strike in a recent match. Despite capturing attention on the field, Mainoo’s off-camera actions during United’s victory over West Ham were equally impressive.

The team notably shifted away from their usual style, opting for a more controlled approach against their opponents. This change was exemplified by Bruno Fernandes’ decision to prioritize safer passes, deviating from his typical forward attempts, and even displaying frustration at times.

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