Brendan Rodgers, entrenador del Celtic, advierte a Neil Warnock antes del enfrentamiento con Rangers

Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers has given a cheeky warning to Neil Warnock about the standard of refereeing in Scottish football. This comes as Warnock takes over at Aberdeen, replacing Barry Robson. Rodgers and Warnock have faced off before during their time in England.

They will only meet again in the Scottish Premiership if Warnock’s team finishes in the top six or they meet in the Scottish Cup. Rodgers is pleased to see Warnock finally managing in Scotland, with his debut game at Ibrox on Tuesday night. Warnock shared that Rodgers was one of the many people to reach out when he got the job.

The Hoops boss said: “He’s good value, Neil. I’ve come across him a few times, always been in contact with him.” Rodgers also sent Warnock a message to wish him good luck, adding, “What he’ll have is good people up here.

He will love it. He’s had a brilliant career and he’ll love everything about it. He’s managed many games and teams, and this was something he hadn’t done.”

Rodgers has sent a message to Neil Warnock to wish him good luck and to express his confidence that Warnock will enjoy managing in Scotland. He also teased Warnock about experiencing the Scottish pitches, media, and refereeing. With Warnock taking over at Aberdeen, he and Rodgers will only face off again if Warnock’s team finishes in the top six or they meet in the Scottish Cup.

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