Security alert disrupts Chelsea vs Wolves match as fans are blocked from stadium

There was a security alert near Stamford Bridge before the Chelsea v Wolves match on Sunday, leading to fears of a delay. Reports of a fire in a nearby hotel prompted concerns about the match being pushed back to ensure fans’ safe travel to the stadium.

However, the situation was cleared within an hour, and the match proceeded as scheduled. Chelsea aimed to recover from a recent defeat by Liverpool, while Wolves sought to bounce back from a stoppage-time loss to Manchester United.

Despite the security alert, the match went ahead, with fans and stewards handling the situation well. The broadcaster indicated that the expectation for a delayed kick-off was no longer in place.

Both teams had already traveled to the ground and were unaffected, though fans trying to access the area faced delays. Chelsea made two changes to their lineup, while Wolves made three for the match.

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