Liverpool faces a challenge with the ‘new Gerrard’ against Arsenal due to Trent

This article discusses the dilemma that Liverpool’s manager, Jurgen Klopp, faces in choosing the starting right-back for their match against Arsenal. The choice is between Conor Bradley, who has been in good form, and the more experienced Trent Alexander-Arnold. Klopp has to weigh the in-form player against the experience of Alexander-Arnold, and the decision won’t be easy. Regardless of who starts, Klopp will be glad to have the other as a strong option on the bench for their game in the capital.

In addition to the right-back dilemma, some players are definitively ruled out due to injury, while others are expected to start if they are fit. The article also suggests that both Bradley and Alexander-Arnold could possibly start, considering their versatility and ability to play in midfield as well. The article ends by speculating about Conor Bradley’s potential to play in a midfield role in the future and whether Alexander-Arnold could do so as well.

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