AC Milan owner considering offering new role to Djokovic, reports say

The record-breaking Grand Slam holder is a self-confessed Rossoneri fanatic who has expressed a deep love for the iconic San Siro outfit. He once confessed that he developed a love for the game through his footballer father and describes football as second only to tennis for him.

The 36-year-old has talked about his close relationship with ex-Milan superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Djokovic considered offering motivational speeches to the Milan players in a potential power play aimed at developing an elite mentality within the team.

However, it remains unclear whether Djokovic would have accepted any proposals from RedBird in this regard. The US tycoon was weighing up turning to the Serbian master to instill a winning mentality within the Milan ranks after acquiring the seven-time European champions for £950 million back in August 2022.

The club, which has not yet added to their tally of 19 league championships, was looking for ways to strengthen its position. Djokovic’s love for the team and his passion for football are evident as he has expressed a strong connection to Milan and a keen interest in the sport.

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