Pressure on Arsenal Players to Prevent Mikel Arteta from Looking Foolish Against Liverpool

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta may find himself in a difficult position if his forwards don’t perform well in the crucial Premier League match against Liverpool. The team’s lack of goals has caused them to fall behind in the title race, despite Gabriel Jesus scoring in their recent win against Nottingham Forest. Arteta has expressed satisfaction with his current options, despite the low goal count from senior strikers like Jesus and Eddie Nketiah.

He remains confident in his players, stating that they will score and rise to the top. However, a lack of offensive threat against Liverpool could expose the team’s shortcomings and distance them from title contention. The performance of Arsenal’s forwards will be a key factor in determining their manager’s credibility.

Jesus acknowledged his mistake in not prioritizing scoring more goals and expressed determination to improve in this aspect. The pressure is on the players to prove their manager’s faith justified and strengthen Arsenal’s chances in the title race.

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