Messi crea caos al ser añadido al banquillo del Inter Miami vs Al-Nassr en el último minuto

Cristiano Ronaldo has changed his retirement plans and is refusing to let go of his rivalry with Lionel Messi. Inter Miami caused confusion among fans by adding Messi to their substitutes bench just before their match against Al-Nassr. Earlier, it had been confirmed that both Messi and Ronaldo would not be participating in the potential final meeting between the two players on the pitch. Ronaldo is in the final stages of his recovery, while Messi dropped out as a precaution.

There was optimism when Messi was added back to Inter’s official squad graphic on social media, hinting that he might take to the pitch while Ronaldo watches on. Despite their rivalry, Ronaldo emphasized that he does not see things with hatred and that the rivalry between them is over. He acknowledged their impact on the history of football and the respect they have gained worldwide. He also mentioned that they have followed their own paths and that the legacy of their rivalry lives on.

Ronaldo expressed respect for Messi and clarified that they have shared the stage for 15 years, though they are not personal friends, they are professional colleagues.

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